Gilles Vandenoostende

Hi, I'm Gilles Vandenoostende - designer, illustrator and digital busybody with a love of language, based in Ghent, Belgium.

  • The Facebook app's home. Just like the phone's UI, the corners were used for navigation.

  • Players could play several songs, but most would be locked until they had invited enough friends. (note: these weren't the actual songs used)

  • The game itself, a rhythm game in the vain of DDR and Guitar Hero.

  • After playing, players were encouraged to "challenge" their friends for points. This interface emulated Sony's Timescape UI.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini


Facebook Application for Sony Ericsson's Android-powered Xperia X10 Mini cellphone. The concept revolved around "dancing fingers" and so I helped to design a simple rhythm-game in the vain of Dance Dance Revolution- and the Guitar Hero franchises.