Gilles Vandenoostende

Hi, I'm Gilles Vandenoostende - designer, illustrator and digital busybody with a love of language, based in Ghent, Belgium.

  • Photo of the stand as it was constructed at the congress.

  • Render of the minimalist architectural models I made.

  • Photo of the final 3D printed models

  • Photo of the final 3D printed models

  • Photo of the final 3D printed models

  • Photo of the final 3D printed models

City of Antwerp Congress Stand


The City of Antwerp asked Duval Guillaume to design the set dressing for their stand at the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP) congress, which was hosted by Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany this year.


For the concept we decided to focus on the city planner's primary interest, namely Antwerp itself. I sourced some high-resolution aerial photographs to create an enormous canvas that covered the entire stand. On top of that, I also designed some stylized miniatures of some of Antwerp's newest or most iconic architectural sights. These were 3D printed at the same scale as the map, so they could be glued in the exact place where their real-life counterparts stand.

In the end we settled on 5 buildings to be miniaturized: Den Bell, het MAS, de KBC Toren, Designcentrum Winkelhaak and the AP college campus Spoor Noord.


I couldn't make these models too complex, as I had to make sure they could be printed as cleanly and efficiently as possible. These constraints resulted in the minimalist and stylised look you can see in the pictures and renders above and below.

Another interesting detail about the production was the creation of the aerial imagery. In order for the print to show enough detail, the size of the final image had to be over 1,446 megapixels(!). Suffice to say, my iMac's RAM was put to the test!